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Dr. Linda Papadopoulos is one of the most well-known and respected psychologists today.  Initially known by the public for her regular appearances and insightful commentary on the UK version of the television phenomenon Big Brother, Dr. Linda has also provided professional psychological commentary for numerous British television and radio programs such as The Big Breakfast, Richard & Judy, The Wright Stuff, GMTV (Good Morning Television), This Morning and the London Broadcasting Company's (LBC) 97.3 FM.  Her opinions are also regularly featured on Sky, Channel 5, ITN and BBC news programs.  More recently, Dr. Linda's appearance as expert psychologist on VH-1's Celebrity Fit Club has gained her acclaim with both critics and the American viewing public alike.  
Dr. Linda is not only Cosmopolitan magazine's resident psychologist and a contributing editor, but she also writes a well-received monthly column and interviews celebrities for the magazine's celebrity-feature articles.  The author of several books and texts, Dr. Linda's most recent book, The Man-Manual, offers insight on how to overcome the differences between men and women, while Mirror Mirror:  Dr. Linda's Body Image Revolution offers guidance and support for individuals dealing with poor body image.   Dr. Linda is co-author of the books and texts:  Psychodermatology:  The Psychological Impact of Skin Disorders, Reporting in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Understanding Skin Problems, Becoming a Therapist:  A Manual for Personal and Professional Development of Counsellors and Psychological Approaches in Dermatology.  
Often large corporations seek psychological advice and support from Dr. Linda when producing and marketing new products.  As a consultant on corporate projects, Dr. Linda utilizes her vast research and academic background to effectively conduct research and analyze quantitative and qualitative data.  Her analysis provides major brands like Dior, Tate & Lyle, Diageo and Camelot with valuable insight on topics such as consumer behavior, and the results of her research are often included in written material for general circulation and press releases.  
In addition to her roles as media psychologist, author, magazine columnist and corporate consultant, Dr. Linda is also considered amongst her peers to be one of the foremost counseling psychologists in the UK.  She earned her B.A. (with honors) in psychology from York University in Toronto, Canada, an MSc in health psychology from the University of Surrey and a Ph.D. in psychology from City University in London.  She is a chartered counseling and health psychologist who has worked in various treatment settings both privately with her own practice and publicly with England's healthcare system, the National Health Service.  During nine years as a chartered psychologist, Dr. Linda has gained extensive experience in the counseling of individuals, couples and families. In fact, many celebrities in the US and the UK also turn to Dr. Linda when they are in need of counseling.
An accomplished academic psychologist, Dr. Linda is published widely in peer-reviewed academic journals on counseling and medical psychology, and she is often invited to give specialist lectures at universities and medical schools in England and throughout the world.  Founder and director of the successful Programme in Counselling Psychology at the London Metropolitan University, Dr. Linda was appointed Reader in psychology in 2001 - a great distinction for such a young age.  She has also been honored with a nomination for the Annual Counseling Psychology Award by the British Psychological Society.  
With a prolific and distinguished career that keeps her very busy, Dr. Linda values her free time.  She enjoys family life in London with her husband and their young daughter.

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