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Michael studied PPE at Oxford and then became an investment banker...but he realised that this really wasn't the industry for him...and retrained as a doctor.
He studied medicine at the Royal Free Hospital in London and qualifyied as a doctor...again he realised that this wasn't really the industry for him either!
Michael then joined the BBC as a trainee assistant producer and over the ensuing 25 years has made numerous science and history documentaries for the BBC, first behind the camera and more recently as a presenter.
Executive producer of QED, Trust Me I‘m a Doctor and Superhuman. He has worked with John Cleese, Jeremy Clarkson, Professor Robert Winston, Sir David Attenborough and Professor Alice Roberts. He devised and executive-produced three of the most popular science and history programmes of the last decade: Pompeii- the last day, Supervolcano and Krakatoa. He has also made a number of business programmes, including, Trouble at the Top and Back to the Floor.
Presented a dozen series for the BBC, including Medical Mavericks, Blood and Guts, Inside Michael Mosley, Science Story, The Young Ones, Inside the Human Body, Eat, Fast Live Longer and The Truth about Exercise. Most recent programmes, due to TX later this year, include Horizon: Mindfulness, for BBC 2, Puss, Pain & Poison, BBC 4, and a new series of Trust Me I‘m A Doctor, also BBC 2.
He is renowned for exposing himself to medical conditions for his programmes, including taking up vaping and even becoming infected with worms!
Following the extraordinary interest in and success of Eat, Fast & Live Longer Michael has co-authored a book called The Fast Diet with Evening Standard journalist Mimi Spencer. The Fast Diet was published by Short Books in February 2013.
The recipient of numerous awards, including being named Medical Journalist of the Year by the British Medical Association in 1995.
Michael writes for the Mail on Sunday, The Times and The Independent. He is a regular columnist for Focus magazine and Eureka.

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