Mindreading double-act DNA took the world by storm when they appeared on Britain’s Got Talent Series 11 (2017) with their incredible telepathic ability known as "The Gift". Wowing the judges, live audience and viewers at home, the duo went on to reach the finals of the hit TV talent show. 

Their unique mind reading performance has been seen by 10s of millions of people around the world and still no one is able to guess how they do it. Aptly named ‘The Gift’ the duo have created a show that has blown minds and proven that the impossible really is possible - but only for them. 

Performed completely live, they ask volunteers to concentrate on the name of a random celebrity, contact name on their phone, bank card number, a word in a book, the name of the street they grew up on, a relative’s name… anything you can think of. With devastating speed and accuracy the pair are able to reveal what that word, name or number is, every time. 

It is the purest form of mind reading you will ever witness. Their performance has to be experienced to be believed. Your thoughts will become theirs in seconds… all you have to ask yourself is, are you ready for it? 

After a successful run of shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2018, they are getting ready for their UK Tour in 2019 with their brand new show ‘We Know What You’re Thinking’.

Britain’s Got Talent’s DNA have been performing professionally for years at exclusive parties and corporate events across the UK and overseas - BGT 2017 was by no means their first outing. The mindreading duo have performed for the likes of Lexus, Arcadia Group, Marks and Spencer, Debenhams, NSPCC and many more. They’re specialists in close up mindreading and stage cabaret, as well as being highly skilled sleight of hand artists, and charming and charismatic to boot. 

Able to put on a thrilling and dynamic stage show and perform sensational close up entertainment, UK Mindreading Duo DNA will astound the most sceptical of audiences with their incredible ability. 


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Video/Audio Showreels

Showreel on stage

Video/Audio Showreels

Showreel with BGT featured

Video/Audio Showreels

Video/Audio Showreels

Lock-Down Dine-In First illusion by DNA

Video/Audio Showreels

Lock-Down Dine-In Second illusion by DNA