With the sucess of the popular West End Show- "We Will Rock You" comes Galileo- a cast of dancers, singers and musicans from the musical to delight and amaze any corperate audience with their spectacular renditions of classic hits such as "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Barcelona" and "We Will Rock You".

Galileo's performances are perfected over the course of 3 days of rehearsal time- to ensure your visitors are inspired and reminded of the true power of the iconic QUEEN. 

Performers include:

2 x Singer (Male and female) 

Per Voi (Classical Vocal Trio) to sing Bohemian Rhapsody & Barcelona (Utilized for BVs for the rest of the show (Optional).

8 x Dancers 

1 x Musical Director

1 x Choreographer

Cast can be amended to suit your needs, and timings can range from 30- 60 minutes.

Galileo are available for corperate engagements. 

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