Our Pick of the Fringe

If you follow us on LinkedIn, you may well have already seen our long list pick of the Fringe this year, and if not, do start following us (link below)! In the meantime, our top 4 shortlist of stand outs this year were Sikisa, Dan Tiernan, Vlad Ilich and Kyrah Gray.

Sikisa is a very lively comedian from South London, whose also a qualified lawyer! Dan is very much in the ascendancy, and was shortlisted for the newcomer award this year. We first saw Kyrah back in March, and she’s come on in leaps and bounds, while North Macedonian, Vlad was a typical Edinburgh find – he was on a mixed bill one evening (we were there to see one of the other acts), and while the others were forgettable (truth be known, best forgotten…) Vlad stood out, and made our night!

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