UK Election

Although the Prime Minister has ruled out a General Election on 2nd May, one has to be called before the year is out. An informal poll of the politicos and journalists we work with point to the 7th November as the most likely date (the thinking being he will call it at the Conservative Party Conference at the end of September).

If they're right, and you have events on that day, don't forget a lot of schools will close to become polling stations, so could impact your audience. 

Regardless of what date it ends up being, we have already seen a marked uptick in demand for speakers on the economy and geopolitical situation, and there is certainly much to discuss on both fronts. Economically, the likes of Vicky Pryce and Gerard Lyons are popular pundits, while from a geo political perspective Alastair Campbell, Clive Myrie and Julia Hartley-Brewer provide fascinating analysis.

For those who fancy a provocative, nay controversial option, Dominic Cummings is even taking on the odd engagement!

Whatever your requirements, do get in touch for our own expert analysis of the analysts.