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Nicolas Hamilton is a prime example of "You can do anything if you put your mind to it‘'.
Born with Cerebral Palsy, he continuously strives to overcome the pain, strains and endless struggles that are a result of his disability. He is young, hungry, determined and believes that his disability will not prevent him from achieving his life long dream of becoming a successful racing driver.
With motorsport in the family (F1 driver Lewis Hamilton is his brother) and therefore in his blood, but both time and physical strength against him, Nicolas never had the confidence to try motorsport. After years of hard work and dedication in overcoming his condition from wheelchair bound to walking unaided by the age of 17, Nicolas' parents decided to agree to his request to be allowed to race. He was given the opportunity to race in the highly competitive Renault Clio Cup series. This naturally was a baptism of fire given that this would be Nicolas' first attempt at motorsport, but Nicolas handled the challenges presented to him with the same dedication and determination that his disability presents to him on a daily basis.
Nicolas had a fantastic first year of racing, finishing midfield in the season. His second year proved a little tougher both with luck and much bad luck, but Nicolas remains determined to achieve his dream. After proving himself to the world of motorsport in just two short years, his ambitions are set high with the desire of racing in the Deutschen Tourenwagen Masters (DTM), or similar racing series as a motivation to others that disabled life is for living.

He is also comfortable and experienced delivering all his topics virtually and as webinars.

Nic’s current talk on “Overcoming adversity and breaking down barriers” can also be delivered in an online speech and Q&A format.

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