Paul Sinha




Medically qualified Paul Sinha is a critically acclaimed international stand up comedian of many years standing, who first achieved recognition in the media in 2006 when his solo show Saint or Sinha was nominated for the If.comedy (formerly Perrier) award at the Edinburgh Festival.
Since then he has become something of a fixture on Radio 4 with the series Paul Sinha's Citizenship Test and Paul Sinha's History Revision as well as his one off shows on cricket, the 2012 Olympics and Magna Carta. He has also made frequent appearances on Radio 4's News Quiz, Just a Minute, and The Now Show and has registered several victories on Radio 5's feisty weekly sports panel show Just a Minute.
As a live comic, Paul has performed several extremely well received solo shows, has had two national tours, performed in Beijing, Munich, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Tokyo as well as many non Olympic cities round the world. He appeared in the first two series of the Stewart Lee's TV show Alternative Comedy Experience and in 2014 Paul was voted Best Club Comedian in the Chortle Awards.
In addition, Paul has carved out a further career as a professional quizzer, attaining grandmaster status in 2014 and reaching a career high UK ranking of 7 in 2015. 
Since 2011 Paul has been one of the regular Chasers on ITV's award-winning quiz show The Chase.

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