Katherine Templar Lewis - AI and Neuroscience

Katherine Templar Lewis in the Studio

We were delighted to be joined in the studio, by the fascinating  Katherine Templar Lewis. Katherine is a neuroscientist who talks about the interplay between the body and the brain, how emotions affect people's decisions making and the potential affects of AI (artifical intelligence).

She has consulted with senior leadership teams in both the private sector and military, to better understand the role of emotions, and most importantly how to help people regulate them to lead to better decision making.

She's written a number of books, appeared on numerous television programmes and documentaries and also runs an ascetics lab, which works with creative companies to help better design buildings and products, taking into account the way we interact with the world around us. Plus, of course, a sort after speaker on the corporate circuit!

Her main page can be found here.

Katherine Templar Lewis in conversation with JJ Jackson