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Alice Baxter is a British journalist and television presenter. She currently presents business on BBC World News at 0500GMT on weekday mornings on BBC News Channel and BBC World News - grilling politicians, CEOs and CFOs from all around the world.
Alice makes increasingly regular appearances on the main news desk during the week and at weekends. She was previously a senior presenter and correspondent on RT, the Moscow-based international rolling news channel, and is regularly commissioned as a voice-over artist.
Prior to moving to Moscow in 2005, Alice worked at ITN's London Tonight. However, it was at RT that, as well as honing her knowledge of all things Russian, Alice anchored the major international stories of the past eight years and presented a number of lifestyle programmes. Alice presented RT's coverage of the election and inauguration of Barack Obama, Gaza/Israel conflict, and the death of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin.
As a correspondent, Alice was one of the first foreign journalists to report from South Ossetia during the Russia/Georgia conflict. She also reported on the 2008 Russian Presidential election from the Far Eastern city of Vladivostock. Following their vote for greater autonomy, she produced a series of reports from Greenland.
In 2007, she was chosen to anchor RT's New Year's Eve broadcast which launched the channel onto the US networks. That broadcast was carried live on the billboard screens in New York's Times Square.
Aside from news, Alice has branched out into other areas such as entertainment, features, and documentaries. Fronting RT's "Russia Close-Up" series, she has travelled across the country - from the oil platforms of the Caspian to the Eskimos of the Arctic regions - reporting on its hugely varied demographic and cultural makeup.
A History and Drama undergraduate, Alice also holds an MPhil in Modern History from Cambridge University as well as a diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Cardiff University.
Alice chairs conferences and seminars and is a highly skilled debate facilitator. She also has a wealth of experience hosting events and award ceremonies, both at home and abroad. 
"The event went very well. We are extremely happy with Katherine Ryan and Alice Baxter - they have done an amazing job!" C5 Communications Ltd for the Women in Compliance Awards 

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