Now's the time time to start making plans...

We're delighted to report our enquiry levels are increasing week on week, and clients are finally starting to commit to dates for the autumn. This is great news, however we're already starting to find some availability issues with artistes due to a combination of factors,

Firstly, a lot of TV and film production was postponed due to COVID, and a lot of filming has been moved to the autumn in anticipation of a loosening of restrictions. Secondly, on the comedic side, many of the tours that were postponed last year, have moved to this year, alongside tours which had already been planned for this year. And finally, in the case of dinners and awards ceremonies, many events which are traditionally held in the spring, have pushed been back to the Autumn, again increasing demand.

Fear not, there's no need to panic yet, and we can always come up with creative solutions, but it does underline the fact now is the time to start considering firming up your plans.