Lateral Flow Tests

There's still no official word on any restrictions or requirements that might be in place post June. At the unveiling of the roadmap in March, the PM initially said the intention was for "all restrictions to be removed" after that date, however it was always conditional. 

One area which some in the industry think might be required is Lateral Flow Tests. We've actually been using these in our Studio since the start of the year so thought it might be useful to share our experience.

Anyone with secondary school children will already be au fait with them. You take a swab from nostrils and/or tonsils, mix with an activating agent and put a few drips into a cartridge which provides a result within 15 mins (it's normally obvious after 5). We send these out to anyone visiting the studio, and ask them to take one the day before, and send us a photograph for our records.

Regardless of legisation, we've had no push back from Artistes to do these, and in fact a number of clients with early physical events planned, have asked for this provision. We of course have stocks of the tests, and happy to manage the administration.