First Half round up

It's certainly been a busy first half to the year. Despite many clients nervous in January due to Omicron, things started to pick up by the end of the month, and we haven't really looked back since.

Most notable observation is lead times - due to the initial uncertainty, it feels many in the industry have been playing catchup, and where our usual lead times are 3-6 months, it's been 3-6 weeks for much of the year so far, however with confidence pretty much restored (re COVID anyway...geo politics is another matter....) the Autumn is already shaping up to a busy one, and interestingly it seems we will be hitting the ground running from pretty much the start of September.

We've been supplying the usual mix of events - highlights have included a webinar featuring Nic Hamilton, Sir Chris Hoy and Alex Scott for a software company, and Declan Curry interviewing the one and only Sir Trevor McDonald at a sustainability conference. On the lighter side, Sally Phillips continues to be a firm favourite for clients hosting awards ceremonies, while after their respective successes at our New Year Speaker Drinks, Joe Wells and Aurie Styla have been going great guns!